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5. Bighorn Medicine controls It’s however a mystery, though, just who first built the controls.

5. Bighorn Medicine controls It’s however a mystery, though, just who first built the controls.


There are plenty of “medicine wheel” monuments scattered around North America, with stones organized in a wheel shape—a design sacred a number of tribes across the northern Great Plains. But at 75 legs in diameter, Wyoming’s Bighorn drug controls is the biggest. Remarkably, what’s more, it pre-dates the amount of time whenever the neighboring Crow anyone basic stayed in the spot.

From inside the 1970s, Astronomer John Eddy furthermore noticed that certain wheel’s spokes identify the path of this sunrise on different solstices, and other spokes draw the rising point of other movie stars, recommending your website might have when become an observatory.

6. Dighton Stone


Like the Judaculla Rock, this might be another petroglyph-clad boulder, however no body understands whom generated carved it.

Most students credit score rating Massachusetts’ Dighton stone toward neighborhood pre-Columbian people, and something associated with petroglyphs does appear like a mark on a comparable stone in Vermont. More theories credit score rating Vikings, Portuguese mariners, plus Phoenicians.

The stone itself is now situated in an art gallery inside Dighton stone State Park, filled with displays putting some circumstances per concept.

7. The Best Serpent Mound


This 1,300-foot earthwork molded like an undulating snake ingesting an egg was initially identified by European settlers in 1812, and remaining undisturbed up until the Smithsonian sent two surveyors over to map the website into the 1840s. The fantastic Serpent Mound has been the topic of research ever since. But while students concur it was constructed by pre-Columbian individuals, they differ on whom and when.